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Moira M, Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement
"On December 1st, I had hip replacement surgery and Hussam started working with me just four days after I got home from the hospital. I'm now at the 3 month mark and I credit him completely with a very successful recovery and with my feeling so much stronger, more fit and more confident than I have in a long time. Hussam is tremendously skilled, knowledgeable and encouraging. Every week I could see real change as a result of the work he did with me and the specific exercises he assigned for each particular stage and goal. He!s very good at explaining the issue he's addressing and the purpose of each of the exercises and tasks, which really motivated me and helped me to better picture what I needed to do in the days between the sessions with him. It's so helpful that Hussam comes to the house, as it situates the therapy in my daily life, making it very practical and accessible, as well as better for me to try to replicate each day. Hussam certainly challenges and pushes me, but h e's very supportive and positive at the same time, and I can see the good results. The whole process has made an amazing difference in my physical, mental and emotional health and my overall engagement in my life. I'm very grateful to had the hip replacement and very grateful to Hussam for his expertise and approach. It has really made all the difference for me."

Mrs GM, total knee replacement

Hip Fracture Physiotherapy North Vancouver
"I wanted to acknowledge the support and care I received from Paolo Macapagal during my recent recovery from a total knee replacement. Please extend my thanks to all the staff at Physio2U. Everyone, from my initial inquiry to payment of the final invoice, made it easy and stress free!"

Mr. JD, busy lawyer in a downtown office

Hip Fracture Physiotherapy North Vancouver
"With a hectic work schedule of 60 hours a week, I have no time to visit a clinic for my aches and pains. The fact that Physio2U can come to my office, set up a portable bed and provide me with the treatment my body needs, is a Godsend! Kim is knowledgeable, personable and professional."

Corporal JS, broke both legs in a car accident

Home Rehabilitation Vancouver"Compassion, knowledge, patience and clear communication are some of the elements needed to be a fantastic physiotherapist. Once you meet Kim you will understand that she has all of these qualities and more. I spent 2 months in hospitals and then had the good fortune to hire Kim to be my physiotherapist at home. Her hard work, knowledge and techniques increased the mobility in my joints. Physio2U taught me how to transfer into the passenger seat of a vehicle from my wheelchair and many exercises which kept my recovery fresh. Over a lengthy period of time, Kim taught me how to walk again and also showed me numerous exercises to re-build my leg muscles. Kim was always punctual and is truly informative as she has a great deal of knowledge in the physiotherapy field. Physio2U will help you obtain a positive outcome to overcome your injuries."

Daughter of Mrs. CM, resident with hip fracture

Home Visit Physiotherapy West Vancouver "Kim's patience and compassion helped Mum overcome an awful injury and regain her confidence to walk. After falling at night while trying to use the bathroom at the care home, Mum broke her hip and needed surgery. After 2 weeks in hospital, she was confined to a wheelchair. She did not qualify for rehab due to dementia. The one-on-one therapy provided by Physio2U helped Mum regain her strength and mobility, improve her balance and regain her confidence to walk. My family and I were thrilled! Mum said she always looked forward to Kim's visits."

Ms. MH, body imbalances after a bad accident

House Call Physiotherapy Vancouver "Physio2U was convenient and a big help. I had developed many imbalances in my body after a bad accident. I couldn’t turn my head to the right and the left side of my body was slumped. For years I had tried different exercises, got a book on exercise, and even saw a different physiotherapist. Kim took the time to do a thorough assessment of my whole body. After doing the exercises she recommended to me, I am finally able to rotate my head to my right. Now I can look over my shoulder when I cross the street! I feel much safer. And my posture is improving. There is a confidence that comes with being able to do more and look better. Kim was pleasant and very professional."

PF, father rehabilitated in care home and moved back into his own apartment

Joint Replacement Physiotherapy Vancouver "Thank you so much to Kim and Pascal for the wonderful care my dad has been receiving. Pascal treats him with care and respect and makes him work hard. I know Pascal has been working extra hard to make sure my Dad's apartment is safe, comfortable and secure for him, and that he knows how to safely navigate around all the daily tasks that he does. It's a real comfort to know that my Dad is working with such dedicated and hard-working people."

Mr. MP, knee injury from sports

Mobile Physiotherapists North Vancouver
"Physio2U has been great for my recovery of my knee injury. With its set up to come to my office, I can have a complete work day and get my knee taken care of. Kim is great and patient."

PF, daughter of client

Mobile Physiotherapists West Vancouver "Thank you once again for the wonderful work you and Pascal are doing with my Dad. He mentioned to me today that he had been experiencing a sore back while working in the kitchen. Yesterday he mentioned it to Pascal who took a short video of him working in the kitchen and made some suggestions. I was talking to my Dad today and he followed Pascal's suggestions while cooking his dinner tonight and he told me that he experienced no back pain whatsoever. So I just wanted to say, thank you again. This sort of support for my Dad means a lot to my brother and me. It makes a really big difference to my Dad's quality of life."

Mary D, Total Knee Replacement

Mobile Physiotherapy Vancouver "After considering several treatment options for post surgery knee replacement therapy, I opted to go with Physio2U. It was the best decision I made. Paolo has been so professional and has helped me make tremendous gains in my mobility. His program is tailored to my needs and my home. His encouragement, empathy and patience go beyond expectations. I will continue to recommend Physio2U to anyone who is considering physiotherapy options. They will be the first number I call when I have to have my second knee replacement done. Many thanks!"

JM, Total Knee Replacement

Mobile physiotherapy "When my full knee replacement was scheduled, I searched for physio close to home. I found the site for Physio2U and contacted Kim right away. She suggested some exercises to do before the surgery, to help build my strength for recovery. After I was released from the hospital, we started in-home physio within a few days. Over the next two months, Kim and Paolo worked with me to get my knee bending, and to a good range. The one-on-one therapy gave me motivation to do the best I could, so we could reach my goals. If an exercise got too easy, they would change it to push me. As a result, after two months, my surgeon was thrilled with the results. Also, Kim's philosophy is to assist with the recovery, and to get you as functional as possible around the home. Every time they visited, they would ask me if there were any challenges in the home, that needed to be addressed. If there was, they would work on a resolution. I cannot say enough good things about Physio2U. Having therapy in the comfort of your own home definitely helped me recover much quicker than others."

Mr. R, Fell off ladder

North Vancouver physiotherapy "I have really enjoyed getting to know Roy. He was always on time and was flexible with my schedule. Roy was very professional regarding the exercises we did and also made sure I was never in too much pain. I liked the fact that he introduced new exercises when I was ready. The surgeon has been very impressed with my recovery and the flexibility I got."

Mr. JS, elderly Mother unable to walk

Physio north Vancouver"Our mother, a 97 year old who lives in the family home with a caregiver, awoke one morning a couple of months ago, unable to walk. She went from active to a wheelchair in the blink of an eye. She couldn’t really identify the problem. We took her to the doctor, who felt around. He didn’t think it was a break and shrugged his shoulders as to whether she would get better. I searched the web and found Kim Hall. Kim came to the house and after an examination diagnosed an arthritic flare-up in our mum’s knee. Through Kim’s continuing therapy and prescribed exercises our mum has discarded her wheelchair and now walks with a walker and sometimes a cane. It is a miracle (somewhat like a Sunday morning faith healing show). We continue to employ Kim to run our mother thru her paces. I highly recommend Kim. She is organized, prompt, personable and obviously very skilled. A real gem."

Broken Ankle Injury

in home physiotherapy Richmond"I received home physiotherapy treatments from Theresa. She was terrific and I enjoyed her hands on treatments. We discussed my injury and she was great at explaining what had happened, the surgery I received and was also able to show me the anatomy of a foot. Her knowledge is terrific and her interaction with me was fantastic. She is professional caring and understanding, which put me at ease. I think she is an excellent addition to Physio2U."

From wife, son and daughter in law of stroke victim

in home physiotherapy Burnaby"We were lucky to find Physio2U based on our personal research on the internet and to find the most reliable and satisfactory service from Kim and Roy. We have our Father in hospital for the last three months after a major stroke attack. He was left with a prognosis to live with no speech, no movements of the right side of his body, not able to eat, only to be tube fed to his abdomen, and with full 24/7 assistance. The general hospital system were not able to assist Father to get physiotherapy or any recovery treatments; so we were left on our own to look for the best most suitable service to help our Father get better-perhaps allow him to come home one day with his family. We are very hopeful and see progress that was predicted by doctors to not be possible. Today our father is still in hospital but is able to sit on his own for some period of time; he is starting to move his right side of his body and roll on the bed and follow some simple instructions in his motor skills. We still have a long way to go but with continuous help, support and exercises from Physio 2U, we hope to achieve our goals. To enhance their service satisfaction, we were happy to see that their communication with nurses and staff in hospital is professional and always supports the best interest of the patient. Thank you Kim and Roy."

Mr SM, Busy working professional

Kristen was absolutely terrific! She has great poise and attention to what she does, and I want to thank her for everything this month.

Mr HD, CEO of Tech company

in home physiotherapy Burnaby"When injuring my knee nine years ago in a snowboarding accident, I wasn’t able to find any healthcare practitioners that seemed to be interested in truly helping me recover from my injury. After getting discouraged from fully recovering, I ended up adjusting to new sports and exercises that would simply avoid the pain. That all changed after meeting Kim and Kristen, as I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me recover and resume the sports I loved. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable in their field, and Kristen happily answered a barrage of my questions throughout the assessment. Finally, the fact that they can bring the whole experience into my home where I received their undivided focus is absolutely perfect for fitting into my busy lifestyle. Thank you Physio2U!"

Double surgery, CH

Double surgery"When Kim and Paolo first came to treat me after I had broken my hip as well as having major surgery for another issue, I was barely mobile and then only with a walker. Because of their excellent instructions, I went from the walker to two canes then one cane. Now I am walking on my own! What a great feeling and I know and I could not have accomplished this without their expert help. I found both instructors to be very professional in all aspects of the program and am very pleased for the fantastic help they gave me."

Mrs. CP, broken hip after MVA accident

Mrs. CP, broken hip after MVA accident"A thank you does not seem enough to say for the quality of continuing Physiotherapy care you (Paolo) are providing me. It is obvious you understand both sides of the care equation... the medical as well as the emotional. Bill and I appreciate your professionalism and support during my in-home treatments in the last while. You are knowledgeable and particularly good at answering questions and providing explanations clearly. We are impressed with the manner in which you offer encouragement and reassurance as these provide your clients with the confidence they need to move on independently with their lives. We are very fortunate to have met you."

Pat Love, Owner of Shears2U Mobile Hair Salon

Pat Love, Owner of Shears2U Mobile Hair Salon"I was completely blown away by how much Twyla helped my hair salon client with her walking. Up until today, I was just worried the whole time she was in the salon that she would fall with the awkwardness she was going about moving. Now all I can say it's a miracle! It's amazing what a few tweaks can do. She's new woman."