Our physiotherapists

Our experienced team includes only licensed and insured Registered Physiotherapists. Collectively, our team has a wide range of skills and areas of expertise. We believe that in order to provide you with the best value and best service possible for your rehabilitation, you will be seen only by a Registered Physiotherapist from our outstanding team.

Raechel John, Registered Physiotherapist
Raechel John, Registered Physiotherapist

From a young age, Raechel has been fascinated and amazed by the human body which led her to complete her Bachelor of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia in 2000 and a Master of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto in 2003. Throughout her career, Raechel has worked in a variety of clinical settings including acute care, rehabilitation hospitals, occupational rehabilitation programs and private physiotherapy clinics. Raechel has completed post-graduate training in cardiorespiratory interventions, neurological treatments (Bobath, Vestibular, Concussion), orthopaedics (hands-on manual therapy techniques, functional exercise, fascial manipulation), as well as visceral manipulation and pelvic floor rehabilitation to treat incontinence. She has a special interest in women’s health and peri-natal wellness.

Raechel is passionate about empowering people to achieve their personal health and wellness goals by providing a combination of education and evidence-based treatment interventions. Her goal is to provide you with care which will allow you to function as independently and successfully as possible in a way which is meaningful to you. She aims to empower lives and facilitate your ability to promote your own recovery on a daily basis through movement and exercise. When not at work, Raechel enjoys running, yoga and spending time outdoors with her husband and two young daughters.

  • ...Client testimonial... Raechel is like an angel.

Chris Petrus, Registered Physiotherapist

Chris obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 2001 and went on to graduate from the UBC Master of Physical Therapy program in 2006. He has since worked across the spectrum of public health, from hospital to subacute care, transitional care units, residential care, orthopaedic outpatient, and community care. In the latter, he has been part of Vancouver Coastal Health’s pilot program, Home ViVE (Visiting Vancouver’s Elders) program since its inception in 2011. Chris has worked and locumed in private physiotherapy clinics in the Lower Mainland. He also had the opportunity to work in the geriatric inpatient/outpatient unit of Australia’s largest private hospital in Brisbane, Queensland. Since 2012 he has been working in private community care with adults and seniors post-orthopaedic injuries or surgeries in home, gym and pool settings.

Chris believes in a healthy mind-healthy body and endeavours to practice what he preaches in living an active and balanced lifestyle of work, play and leisure. His preferred place of worship is the mountains and outdoors, where he is an avid backpacker, mountaineer and backcountry skier. He loves travelling abroad with his wife (who he met while travelling!). He keeps busy at home with his golden retriever and baby daughter.

  • ...Client testimonial... I love how easy it is to set up and don't have to worry about payment every session - I like being invoiced. Not being mobile, I don't have to worry about having my wallet close by for payments. Chris just comes and goes and it is so easy.

Yvonne Law, Registered Physiotherapist
Yvonne Law, Registered Physiotherapist

Yvonne is a Vancouverite who holds a Kinesiology Degree from Simon Fraser University and then graduated from the Master of Physiotherapy program at the University of Sydney, Australia. Prior to relocating down under, Yvonne had extensive experience working in BC as a kinesiologist in both occupational and rehabilitation settings. She is fluent in English and Cantonese and speaks basic Mandarin.

Ever since suffering injuries from playing sports as a teenager, Yvonne has developed a passion in learning about human anatomy and injuries. Yvonne utilizes a variety of manual techniques, such as soft tissue release and joint mobilizations, biomechanical analysis, education, and exercise prescription to assist clients in achieving their goals. She works alongside the client to develop a plan of action to achieve specific goals such as returning to daily life, being able to walk without pain or whatever it may be. She is always ready to exceed expectations and go the extra mile for her clients! In her spare time, Yvonne enjoys playing volleyball and tennis, traveling, and trying different cuisines.

  • ...Client testimonial... Yvonne was professional, prompt, and well organized. Ability to initiate therapy while still homebound has been very beneficial.

Arturo Pallares, Registered Physiotherapist
Arturo Pallares, Registered Physiotherapist

Arturo completed his physiotherapy degree at the University of Rosary in Bogota, Colombia in 1993 and has been working in the rehabilitation industry in Canada since 1999. With over 25 years of experience, he has developed a wide skill set including treatment of geriatrics, pediatrics, acquired brain injuries, orthopaedics, cardio-pulmonary diseases and vertigo. He has worked in acute care, long-term care, private practice and community-based settings. Arturo has completed specialized training in vestibular rehabilitation through the Emory University School of Medicine. He gets great results helping people get rid of dizzy spells who suffer from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). His comprehensive assessment includes the use of Frenzel goggles. Arturo also evaluates Internationally Educated Physiotherapists through the University of British Columbia. He is fluent in English and Spanish and loves to empower lives.

  • ...Client testimonial... Arturo was just what my sister needed. Not only did he provide her with physio but he also provided her with hope. I also loved the '2 go' part – my sis has mobility and fatigue issues so this was great.

Hussam Hakeem, Registered Physiotherapist

Vancouver, Surrey
Hussam graduated in 2013 from the Master of Physical Therapy program at the University of British Columbia. He also completed his Bachelor of Science from UBC in 2010, majoring in Neurological Sciences and minoring in English Literature. His experience includes working with clients in all fields of practice: neurological rehabilitation, orthopaedics, hand therapy, sports injuries, and geriatric medicine. Hussam is certified in Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) /Functional Dry Needling and, when required, uses this technique to augment his current hands-on-approach to his therapy sessions. Hussam believes a client’s positive outlook is just as important as the therapy they receive – approaching a client’s therapy from a holistic perspective not only achieves balance, but also paves the way to a speedy recovery and return to function. Hussam is fluent in English and can also speak Arabic.

  • ...Client testimonial... I would just like to take a few moments to share my experience with Physio2u. I was in a serious car crash with multiple injuries, including many pelvic fractures, broken ribs, collapsed lungs and lots of soft tissue damage. After spending 1 month in the hospital. I came home in an ambulance on a stretcher. I thought I would be living in the lower part of my home and sleeping on the couch for 2 months. I met my physiotherapist Hussam that week. I cannot say enough good things about him. Within 20 minutes he had me up and walking 14 stairs to my bedroom. I could not believe it. Hussam was caring, compassionate, professional, but most of all motivating and completely knew his job. I have progressed from a walker to completely walking on my own now. I had serious doubts that I would be able to recover from my injuries, but with the help of Hussam I now now that I will be able to return to my former self. If anyone out there needs physio this is the company to go to.

Jane Burns, Registered Physiotherapist

Jane has over 30 years of physiotherapy experience in a variety of settings including acute care, private practice, consulting and research.  She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University (1988) and a Masters in Rehabilitation Science from UBC.  As a Regional Clinical Resource Therapist at Vancouver Coastal Health, Jane has a wealth of knowledge and can recommend many resources to help you recover and feel better.  She has expertise in orthopaedic conditions, sports medicine, hand therapy and lung disease, including COPD.  As a Physio2U therapist, Jane provides expert care to allow her clients to return to active lifestyles and improved quality of life.

  • ...Client testimonial... I would just like to take a few moments to share my experience with Physio2u. I was in a serious car crash with multiple injuries, including many pelvic fractures, broken ribs, collapsed lungs and lots of soft tissue damage. After spending 1 month in the hospital. I came home in an ambulance on a stretcher. I thought I would be living in the lower part of my home and sleeping on the couch for 2 months. I met my physiotherapist Hussam that week. I cannot say enough good things about him. Within 20 minutes he had me up and walking 14 stairs to my bedroom. I could not believe it. Hussam was caring, compassionate, professional, but most of all motivating and completely knew his job. I have progressed from a walker to completely walking on my own now. I had serious doubts that I would be able to recover from my injuries, but with the help of Hussam I now now that I will be able to return to my former self. If anyone out there needs physio this is the company to go to.

Roy Oreta, Registered Physiotherapist
Roy Oreta, Registered Physiotherapist

Burnaby, New Westminster
Roy was inspired at a young age by family members who worked in healthcare, ultimately choosing a health career for himself. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in the Philippines in 1999. His subsequent clinical practice led him through a breadth of clients at private clinics, hospitals, community care, and long term care homes. He has worked more recently in the Lower Mainland at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and Richmond Hospital. In addition to manual therapy and exercise, Roy is able to provide ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to assist with recovery and pain relief. Roy’s experience treating a wide range of conditions including orthopaedic injuries and neurological conditions gives him a sense of fulfillment by helping his clients recover, be safer, feel better and improve their day to day lives. Roy is fluent in English, Tagalog, and Ilocano.

  • ...Client testimonial... Wonderful service. Treatments in my own home. Roy’s course of exercises helped immensely to have a positive rehab period.

Twyla Pitman, Registered Physiotherapist North & West Vancouver
Twyla Pitman, Registered Physiotherapist

North Vancouver
With 20 years of physiotherapy experience, Twyla has an ongoing desire to make positive and meaningful changes to the health, fitness and quality of life of her clients with practical advice, education and proven interventions. Twyla holds a degree in Physiotherapy from McMaster University, and a degree in Physical Education from the University of Alberta. Her post-graduate studies include a Certificate in Manual Therapy, a Certificate in Medical Acupuncture, as well as numerous courses in Myofascial Release Therapy. Over recent years Twyla has had a particular focus on supporting the senior population with their physiotherapy needs. Previous to this her career saw her treating elite athletes (and weekend warriors) in a large Calgary sports clinic before running away with Cirque du Soleil as a traveling physiotherapist. She toured for five years across Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Uniquely, Twyla’s career has also led her into writing patient-friendly articles that are used to educate clients in clinics across North America and Australia.

  • ...Client testimonial... Twyla is a knowledgable, friendly, professional physiotherapist who sincerely wants to help.

Dolores Langford, Registered Physiotherapist

North Vancouver

Dolores graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 1984, and holds several post graduate specializations including Certified Hand Therapist, a Master in the Clinical Management of Pain from the University of Edinburgh, Fracture Prevention Practitioner (Osteoporosis UK), and a mini fellowship in Geriatrics from Stanford University. She is currently studying for her Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

As Clinical Assistant professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, Dolores guest lectures in rheumatology and hand therapy. She has expertise in persistent pain management, hand therapy, complex orthopaedic conditions, and osteoporotic fracture care. She is a co-author of the FReSH Start toolkit for post hip fracture management which helps older adults transition from hospital to home, and a member of the BC Hip Fracture Redesign team.  As a Vancouver Coastal Health practice coordinator, she provides clinical support to a large rehabilitation team of physiotherapists and rehabilitation assistants. She is a researcher and a collaborator at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, where she remains actively involved in research projects aimed at improving the lives of older adults with musculoskeletal conditions. As a Physio2U therapist, Dolores provides holistic, patient centered care to restore her clients to their functional goals and active lives.

  • ...Client testimonial... Excellent service - good results.

Kristen Duncan, Registered Physiotherapist
Kristen Duncan, Registered Physiotherapist

North Vancouver, West Vancouver
After a few years back East, Kristen has rejoined the Physio2U team! She was inspired to study physiotherapy after seeking rehabilitation for her own knee and back injuries while training for the Ironman Canada Triathlon in 1999. Since graduating from UBC in 2003, Kristen has completed advanced training in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and is the only Canadian certified therapist of the Domancic Method. Kristen has worked in acute care at Powell River General Hospital, chronic pain management programs, private practice in Vancouver, and at Yaletown House, a care home for elders. Kristen offers a compassionate, client-centred, hands-on approach, combined with therapeutic exercise. She is able to draw from a wide range of experience and techniques to help her clients reach their physical goals and achieve a sense of well-being and personal fulfillment. Welcome back, Kristen!

  • ...Client testimonial... Kristen is knowledgeable and understanding, which is extremely helpful when recovering from an injury. We are very pleased with Kristen's level of expertise and sincerity. I would recommend her to anyone in an instant.

Bill Walker-Wavell, Registered Physiotherapist

West Vancouver, Squamish, Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Bill’s passion for movement began early in his childhood. While growing up in Southern England on the Isle of Wight, immersed and surrounded by the ocean, he spent all his free time surfing or sailing.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Sciences form the University of Wales and a Physiotherapy degree form the University of East London.

Since 2006, he has practiced in all areas of rehabilitation in the UK and Canada, including community, intensive care, emergency care, neuro-rehabilitation, cardio-respiratory care, orthopedics, hand therapy and outpatient services both publicly and privately. Bill has a special interest in Yoga Therapy.  In 2010, he discovered Yoga practice for himself and began intensive study of yoga. He applies his knowledge to help clients achieve better alignment.

While studying yoga in India, Bill learned from the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Monks in exile. He volunteered teaching English to Tibetan refugees. Bill has also completed yoga instructor training in Mexico and Canada. He combines his hands-on manual therapy skills with yoga therapy to guide the body and mind towards optimal recovery through structural, mental, emotional and energetic centering. He strives to empower lives with individualized home exercises in conjunction with restorative yoga poses when appropriate for maximal therapeutic benefit.

  • ...Client testimonial... Bill is an excellent teacher and an excellent guy. I am very appreciative of my sessions with him. He is thoroughly professional and always right on time.

Paolo Macapagal, Registered Physiotherapist
Paolo Macapagal, Registered Physiotherapist

Richmond, Ladner
Paolo graduated from the University of British Columbia with his Master of Physical Therapy in 2011 and Bachelor of Human Kinetics in 2007. He developed a broad skill set while working at Fraser Health and gained experience treating a variety of patients in different settings. Paolo has achieved Level 1 of the Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy Diploma and has completed post graduate neuro-rehab courses in Bobath and Neuro-Developmental Treatment. His interests include falls prevention and functional training with the geriatric population and stroke rehabilitation. He also has experience with breast cancer and lymphedema management including post op mastectomy rehabilitation and compression bandaging. Paolo is an avid volleyball player and has coached since 2007. Paolo believes that movement is the basis of a healthy and fulfilling life and is excited to bring his client-centered and evidence-based approach to help others reach their full functional potentials.

  • ...Client testimonial... Paolo is a great physio and has a fantastic relationship with my 90 year-old mother. Always striving for the best for his patients.

Sam Deakin, Registered Physiotherapist
Sam Deakin, Registered Physiotherapist

Tri Cities, Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver
Growing up in the Lower Mainland, Sam has always had a passion for health care. Shortly after completing her Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Victoria in 2001, while travelling, she suffered several ankle sprains and turned to a physiotherapist for help once she returned home. During this experience, she realized she wanted to help people feel better as a physiotherapist and within a year she was attending the Master of Physical Therapy program at the University of Western Ontario.

After graduating in 2004, she returned to BC to start work with the Fraser Health Authority where she was able to consolidate her learning and treat a wide variety of clients at different stages of recovery. Sam’s extensive experience includes acute care, public home health, cancer rehabilitation and palliative care. Sam enjoys the unique challenge that working with clients in their homes brings, as she believes it is in the home that physiotherapists can have the most significant impact on a client’s quality of life and function.

Using a holistic approach, Sam’s goal is to empower clients to remain independent, safe and confident in their home setting. She enjoys taking courses to enhance her practice and most recently completed training to become a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. Sam is also a practicing yoga teacher and her goal is to make yoga accessible to anyone that is open to learning the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer.

In addition to Empowering Lives, you can find Sam on her yoga mat, walking her dog in the park, and traveling the world with her husband.

  • ...Client testimonial... Sam has been fundamental to my overall health & wellness. My temporary need for physio while I transitioned into a rehab for a prosthetic has been long drawn out. She is beyond amazing in her knowledge & skill set. Week by week we have progressed through different exercises, implemented change, planned out new activities, dealt with new injuries caused by an extended period of using a walker. I also haven't had the worry to get to a "physio location", and therefore have used my environment to help with exercises that the physio has prescribed.

Win Ng, Registered Physiotherapist

Tri Cities
Win graduated with a Master of Science Physiotherapy degree from McMaster University in 2006. He loves to help people of all backgrounds and ages that come with different conditions varying from musculoskeletal to neurological issues. Since graduation, he has worked in a wide range of rehabilitation settings including Holy Family Hospital, Langley Memorial Hospital and private clinics. He particularly enjoys treating chronic pain patients, who have not responded to previous courses of treatments, using his skills in IMS dry needling in combination with his portable Class IV K-Laser. Win takes pride in providing high-quality, focused treatment and working with clients towards achieving the goals that are important to them. Outside of work, Win enjoys a variety of physical activities and spending time with his two young sons and wife. Win can speak English, Indonesian, and Malay.

  • ...Client testimonial... Win is excellent and I would highly him to my friends and acquaintances. He was very caring and knowledgeable. I appreciate the personal care received by him and his recommendations for me to work on my disability myself.

Theresa Schmidt, Registered Physiotherapist
Theresa Schmidt, Registered Physiotherapist

Theresa has nearly 30 years of extensive physiotherapy experience, starting with completing her physiotherapy degree at UBC, and later earning an Intermediate Manual and Manipulative Therapy Diploma. She has continued her education by completing various orthopaedic courses, and most recently studying Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy to focus on women’s health. Theresa started her career at the Arthritis Society, and after four years began her own private practice in West Vancouver where she worked with the Capilano Rugby Club, gaining a broad experience treating sports injuries. Theresa has a keen interest in manual therapy and uses hands-on techniques combined with specific, targeted exercise programs to help her clients recover their full physical lifestyle and performance, while practising a non-hurried approach to client care. She enjoys the challenge of solving acute or chronic injuries, and is passionate about working with her clients to achieve their goals. Outside of her professional life, Theresa enjoys spending time with her two sons.

  • ...Client testimonial... Physio2U has consistently provided me with compassionate and professional care. I am able to live pain-free with Theresa’s assistance from time to time.

Grace Antonio, Registered Physiotherapist Abbotsford
Grace Antonio, Registered Physiotherapist

Grace has over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist and has worked in hospitals and rehabilitation centres in multiple nations including the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at the Emilio Aguinaldo College in the Philippines in 1995, she developed a keen interest in neurodevelopmental techniques. She has a passion for helping seniors and children and shows great patience and care when helping empower lives. Grace is known for her infectious high energy and enthusiasm which inspires people during their recovery. She has resided in the Fraser Valley since 2008. In her spare time, Grace enjoys walking the Abbotsford Discovery Trail with her family.

  • ...Client testimonial... Grace's patience and compassion helped Mum overcome an awful injury and regain her confidence to walk. After falling at night while trying to use the bathroom at the care home, Mum broke her hip and needed surgery. After 2 weeks in hospital, she was confined to a wheelchair. She did not qualify for rehab due to dementia. The one-on-one therapy provided by Physio2U helped Mum regain her strength and mobility, improve her balance and regain her confidence to walk. My family and I were thrilled! Mum said she always looked forward to Grace's visits.