Sea-to-Sky Corridor In Home Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Care at-home Services in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Physio2U is proud to serve eighteen cities around the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley including the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. We do not charge extra for travel expenses so you won’t pay more to be treated in the comfort of your own home.

During your at-home physiotherapy session we’ll spend one-hour with you treating your condition and showing you exercises you can do in your home to help alleviate your symptoms. Many of our patients find physiotherapy at-home makes keeping up with your physio exercises much easier because you’ll receive a demonstration of how to perform them accurately and safely in your home until your next appointment.

Common Conditions we treat with In-Home Physiotherapy in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor include:

  • Arthritis
  • Sudden onset of back pain
  • Broken leg or pelvis
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic sports injuries
  • Lymphedema
  • Vertigo (Vestibular rehab)

Common Conditions commonly found in Seniors we treat with In-Home Physiotherapy in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor include:

  • Hip fracture
  • Joint replacement
  • Post-stroke
  • Frequent falls
  • Mobility loss due to dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • Pneumonia
  • Palliative conditions
  • General weakness post hospitalization or surgery

Why Choose Physio2U for Your Physiotherapy Needs in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor?

At-home physiotherapy is becoming increasingly popular with patients who have limited mobility as a result of their condition. You don’t have to leave your home to be treated by a Physio2U physiotherapist. The services we offer cover a wide range of conditions and are offered by Registered Physiotherapists so you can be confident that you’re being treated by a licensed practitioner. All of our services are eligible for reimbursement from your insurance provider if you have extended health benefits.

Physio2U provides insurance-covered mobile physiotherapy, billed directly to
Pacific Blue Cross, ICBC, Veterans Affairs Canada, WorksafeBC and UBC Hospital.

Customized Services
Specializing in senior care

One-on-One Attention
Taking time to listen

Mobile Sessions
Bringing care to you

Flexible Appointments
Adapting to your schedule

Relationship-based Therapy
Building personal connections

Communicated Recovery Process
Regular progress reports

Privacy and
Comfort at Home

Prioritizing your safety

A Voice for
Your Parent

Working directly with doctors

Meet one-on-one with a Physio2U therapist to share the pain and mobility
issues your parent or loved one is facing, then explore the solutions.

Helping them more freely is just a phone call away.


Our Sea-to-Sky Corridor team

Bill Walker-Wavell, Registered Physiotherapist

West Vancouver, Squamish, Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Bill’s passion for movement began early in his childhood. While growing up in Southern England on the Isle of Wight, immersed and surrounded by the ocean, he spent all his free time surfing or sailing.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Sciences form the University of Wales and a Physiotherapy degree form the University of East London.

Since 2006, he has practiced in all areas of rehabilitation in the UK and Canada, including community, intensive care, emergency care, neuro-rehabilitation, cardio-respiratory care, orthopedics, hand therapy and outpatient services both publicly and privately. Bill has a special interest in Yoga Therapy.  In 2010, he discovered Yoga practice for himself and began intensive study of yoga. He applied his knowledge to help clients achieve better alignment.

While studying yoga in India, Bill learned from the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Monks in exile. He volunteered teaching English to Tibetan refugees. Bill has also completed yoga instructor training in Mexico and Canada. He combines his hands-on manual therapy skills with yoga therapy to guide the body and mind towards optimal recovery through structural, mental, emotional and energetic centring. He strives to empower lives with individualized home exercises in conjunction with restorative yoga poses when appropriate for maximal therapeutic benefit.

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 5:30pm

Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm

Appointments are available outside of these
hours, including weekends, by request.