In-Home Physiotherapy Can Help You Heal a Broken Bone

Physiotherapy is very important after suffering from a broken bone or hip fracture. To avoid life-long problems or disability, it is important to start rehabilitation as soon as possible. Physio2U in-home physiotherapy can help if you cannot get to a clinic because of limited mobility. You may not be able to drive a car if you are on pain medications.

Our Technique for Helping Broken or Fractured Bones Heal

Physio2U has a comprehensive program for helping heal broken bones and bone fractures. Patients who contact us needing to restore a hip fracture or broken ankle for example are often in a good deal of pain and discomfort and appreciate being treated in the comfort of their own home as it is not easy to move with a broken or fractured bone. Our proprietary process includes:

  • Pain and swelling management
  • Manual therapy
  • Progressive exercise programs to improve movement and strength
  • Activities to improve mobility, walking, and balance
  • Education on condition management and community resources
  • Recommendations for home modifications to improve safety
  • Comprehensive hip fracture treatment and restorative therapy