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Physio2U provides accessible physio for all with in-home sessions for privacy, comfort and convenience throughout a person’s recovery. Our staff specializes in treating people struggling with mobility and strength issues due to trauma, surgery, neurological, as well as chronic health issues. Our team understands there are two sides of the care equation: the medical and the emotional.
We focus on both to ensure an optimal road to recovery for you or a loved one.

We come to wherever you need us within Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Protecting the Community during the COVID-19 Crisis

Physio2U is committed to protecting the health of patients, staff, physicians, and the community during COVID-19. Our physiotherapists wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They are also ensuring to take adequate breaks during and between shifts for proper sanitation.

We would kindly ask that our clients also prepare by washing their hands before sessions begin, wear masks and to have a properly ventilated space (open window) during treatment.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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Physio2U provides insurance-covered mobile physiotherapy, billed directly to
Pacific Blue Cross, ICBC, Veterans Affairs Canada, WorkSafeBC and UBC Hospital.

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Our experienced team includes only licensed and insured Registered Physiotherapists. Collectively, our team has a wide range of skills and areas of expertise. We believe that in order to provide you with the best value and best service possible for your rehabilitation, you will be seen only by a Registered Physiotherapist from our outstanding team.

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To provide physiotherapy services that exceed expectations, the Physio2U therapists are supported by an operations team. This includes management and administrative staff with a variety of skill sets. The operations team acts with compassion, ensures provision of excellent customer service and creates a culture of continuous improvement so we can better help you.

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  • We get one-on-one mentorship with a therapist who really does do their homework in checking our notes and giving appropriate feedback. At the beginning it was great to have someone join in on my sessions and me join in on theirs to see how it’s done. Really appropriate for this kind of job to check in via WhatsApp or phone call, and schedule time to see each other.

    Tony Cruz, Physio2U Physiotherapist
  • ...Client testimonial... Excellent service; caring approach: proactive with solutions; generous with time reporting back.

lois dairon
lois dairon
Kristen Duncan has working with me for several months. I find her to be very professional and knowledgeable. She has helped me to manage the pain and to increase movement. I appreciate the different techniques she uses. She is very encouraging and motivating.
Darrell L.
Darrell L.
This is a review for Raechel J at Physio2U. I needed to get a physio for an elderly family member. From Raechel's first visit, she impressed me. From her professionalism, to her professional knowledge, her ability to effectively communicate with my family member, and her general warmth and down to earth personality...She's been great. I was also really impressed with her interactions with my family member. She constantly demonstrates respect, care, and exemplary communication skills. She also does a excellent job of regularly adapting each exercise as she sees improvement. She is very respectful to the home and the environment that she works in. In terms of Covid precautions, the first thing she does when she arrives is wash her hands, and she always wears her face mask through the entire session. Raechel has been wonderful and I look forward to continuing working with her!
Kristina Macdonald
Kristina Macdonald
I came to Physio2U with 20 years experience in leadership and operations, to be the Manager of People & Culture. Within the physiotherapy industry my position is unique, being dedicated to supporting the therapist team in their personal and professional success. It shows Physio2U is invested not only to empowering lives of our clients, but also our team! More than anywhere I have worked, Physio2U is an organization that truly lives its values: on a day-to-day basis Compassion, Flexibility, Integrity, and Exceeding Expectations, are the compass points guiding our decisions. After 14 months getting to know our office and physiotherapy teams, I feel so lucky to work with such a caring group of people dedicated to empowering the lives of others. Hearing client success stories through the perspective of our physios, is inspiring and heartwarming. I look forward to continuing to build our team and have a greater impact in communities across the province.
judy mckague
judy mckague
8 years ago I had my first knee replacement. I was fortunate to discover Physio 2u. Kim was my therapist and started my rehab a week after being discharged from the hospital On my 3 month follow up with my surgeon he said I was way beyond most of his 6 month patients. Time for my second knee replacement and I was so fortunate to be able to contact Kim and she was available for my rehab Kim is very professional So prompt and on time for every appointment Kim pushed me and was constantly giving me positive feedback. Just had my 3 month follow up with the surgeon and again, he is very pleased with my progress. I have full range of my knee Thanks so much to Kim and her program. I will continue to recommend her company to anyone.
Sandy Brun
Sandy Brun
Suffering from vertigo while recovering from knee replacement surgery presented a double whammy situation for Twyla, my Physio2U therapist. After her initial treatment and instruction of the detailed regimen I was to follow between visits I was well on my way to recovery for both conditions. Due to the undivided attention I received at home by Twyla I have had a complete knee rehabilitation. Twyla also provided me with a repertoire of strategies to successfully manage my vertigo. Pysio2U provides the convenience, privacy and complete attention (to you) that only an in home service can deliver. I can not overstate the value of my experience and satisfaction with Pysio2U!
Kingston Chung
Kingston Chung
I've been working as a kinesiologist for Physio2U at a long-term care facility for the past 3.5 years. The team at Physio2U is very supportive and Kim Hall has been a great mentor throughout my journey here! I enjoy being able to collaborate with other physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, nurses, etc. and learn from each other when working alongside everybody. This job allows me to have flexibility with my schedule and lots of autonomy where I am able to learn and understand how to deal with a variety of situations. Working at Physio2U has been great!
The Bruns
The Bruns
i have been a client/patient of Physio2U for 5 years and attest to the wonderful, caring, professional services throughout. Kim has provided me with treatments, guidance and emotional support through hip surgery, COPD and the normal impairments associated with getting more mature, (OLDER)! A wonderful, wonderful service which i strongly enoucoruage others to benefit from going forward! With much appreciation, Paul Brun
Chris O'Connor
Chris O'Connor
Since 2014 I have had two hip replacements and a knee replacement. I could not have done it without Physio2U. Their creative and effective exercises has helped me recover very quickly and get back to skiing and biking in a very short time. The most recent visits by video have been just as effective as the in home visits. I am very grateful for what they have done for me and would highly recommend them .
Tim Northup
Tim Northup
I was introduced to Kim Hall in May of this year through a webinar she presented to SportMed's Run 10K clinic on common running injuries. I liked Kim's holistic approach and contacted Physio2U for help with my sore knees. Kim did a thorough assessment and recommended a program of daily stretches, which only take about a half hour to do and have been very helpful. I had stopped running for three months prior to meeting Kim and have now been back to a run/walk program for a month, combined with cross training riding my bike. She has been very engaged in my rehab, is extremely punctual with our appointments, and is always friendly. I highly recommend Kim to anyone in need of physiotherapy. Thank you Kim!
david fisher
david fisher
Kim’s professional diagnosis and treatment of my very painful heel was great! The combination of massage and icing techniques were very helpful. First rate service and I highly recommend Physio 2 U.

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